Optimizing MemberVault For Search Engine Results (Membership)

Optimizing MemberVault For Search Engine Results (Membership)

Let's Optimize MemberVault For Top Search Engine Results

Learning how to optimize MemberVault for search engine results is the focus of this membership. 

What will you learn how to do and have access to?

  • Optimize your Welcome Area
  • Optimize the Teaser Message of your products
  • Use online tools to help with optimization
  • Coaching calls to ask your burning questions about optimizing MemberVault
  • And much more!

Let's Optimize Your MemberVault Together!

P.S. Currently, I'm collecting your feedback about this course. In the Teaser Module is the questionnaire.

P.S.S. If you share your thoughts by answering two questions on the questionnaire, then you will receive a special bonus just for you.

6 Modules

Getting Started: Optimize MemberVault for Search Engines

Let's start with research you need to do to get started and gathering information that will help you optimize your MemberVault Welcome Area and Product/Course Teaser Messages (Landing Page).

Researching and Gathering Information

Optimizing Your MemberVault Welcome Area

One of the public areas of your MemberVault is your Welcome Area. This means that search engines can find your Welcome Area if you have it optimized for your keywords. That’s what we will do in this Module.

Optimizing Your MemberVault Product Teaser Message (Landing Page)

Now that you know how to optimize your Welcome Area, let's optimize your Product/Course Teaser Messages (Landing Page). You will learn tips which help your landing pages to get found by search.

What Online Tools Will Help You Optimize MemberVault

Deep dive into the online tools I use to help me optimize my MemberVault for search engines. These tools will help enhance your research and refine your content.

Coaching Calls: Optimization MemberVault Tips

Coaching call will focus on providing a time for you to ask questions and I will provide answers or resources to you. There will be 4 calls (one for each of the training modules).

Modules for this product 6
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