LinkedIn Marketing For Introverts

LinkedIn Marketing For Introverts

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Thank you for choosing to learn more about the LinkedIn Marketing for Introverts course. Getting comfortable using LinkedIn to grow your business presence online is important. As an introvert, I know how hard it is to not get overwhelmed with all the different things you have to do to grow your business online.

LinkedIn Marketing for Introverts is set up so you can work at your own pace and not get overwhelmed.

I know my LinkedIn Marketing for Introverts mini course will work for you because it has worked for me. One of my biggest business contracts is 5-figures and my client found me on LinkedIn. I've been working with this client since 2012. The client is a large top Fortune 100 company in manufacturing. Sharing my knowledge with you will help you prepare your business brand so you can engage on LinkedIn and connect with your target buyers too.

As an ambivert, I have introverted and extroverted tendencies. I've learned to be creative in my introvert comfort zone and excel in my extrovert environment. My introvert tendencies are my comfort zone for about 90% of the time while I'm an extrovert the rest of the time.

I shared this because I want my fellow introverts to know that they too can achieve success on LinkedIn. The entire focus of this mini-course is to help you prepare your profile to engage on LinkedIn and get your business setup with a company page.

Having a complete LinkedIn profile and company page prepares you for engagement. This course includes the following topics:

👉 Prework included learning more about LinkedIn, sharing your thoughts, and much more.

👉 Getting your personal profile setup and optimized for search engines so you can be found by your target buyers and potential collaborative partners.

👉 Then you will get started with refining your business brand on LinkedIn with a company page as well as learn how to start positioning yourself as an industry leader on LinkedIn.

👉 Two different ways to purchase LMI. DIY Access and DIY Access + Group Plan with monthly Q&A session.

With all of these options packed into this course, you can enhance your visibility on LinkedIn. In short, I want you to feel comfortable being seen online. This means having a public profile will help you get found in search results on LinkedIn and potentially on Google.

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8 Modules

Getting Started With LinkedIn To Build Your Business Brand

Creating a LinkedIn account for your business is a vital step to getting started in your journey. Reach your target audience more by setting up your company profile on LinkedIn.

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile to get found

What does optimization mean?

LinkedIn is a very powerful tool to reach your target audience with the use of keywords, photos, and even recommendations. To optimize it means having your profile visible online, so that when they search your name, niche, location, or other information, your profile will lead in the search results.

In this lesson, we will discuss how you can easily optimize your LinkedIn profile to be searchable and visible.

Optimizing your LinkedIn page to get found

Business pages are just as important as your profile. To guarantee your company page’s visibility on LinkedIn, make sure you optimize it to get found.

Connecting to grow your network and visibility on LinkedIn

Are you an employee, entrepreneur, or a client who would like to connect to people within your niche? While there are plenty of networks where you can reach out to one another, LinkedIn remains to be the top platform for it.

In this lesson, we will show you how to connect with your target audience, grow your network, and increase your visibility on LinkedIn organically.

Engaging on LinkedIn to build relationships

Building professional relationships on LinkedIn is not as difficult as you think it is. LinkedIn is full of like-minded individuals, and so they would love to connect with you as well. 

But how can you build a relationship with people you don’t even know?

In this lesson, you will learn the importance of keeping your profile active and how you can reach out to your desired audience to build a strong yet friendly professional relationship.

How content marketing enrich your LinkedIn presence

Content remains king when it comes to generating traffic to a page or profile. Especially now that the internet has spiked its usage like never before. 

In this module, we will dive deeper into how to market your content on LinkedIn and how it can boost your online presence.

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